Friday, September 30, 2011

Two Helpful Chicken Legs and a Pair of Hands

I know what your thinking - interesting title eh?  It's true though, I do have skinny legs.  Obviously now that I have said that you know that this title has something to do with myself. 
This week, I decided to write on a personal experience I had while up on Campus at the University of Utah.  I had just happily left class to head on home when I spotted a man in a wheelchair, he was loaded down with equipment on his lap while trying to wheel himself up a somewhat steep sidewalk.  He was rolling at a pretty slow rate and seemed to be struggling.  Students walked passed him involved in other matters without sending this man a glance.  I'm not trying to point out that the whole student population is selfish by any means, but that struck me that no would help this guy who was obviously having a hard time getting up the sidewalk. Sometimes I wonder how disabled individuals make it around this campus!  Anyway, back to my story- perhaps there was divine inspiration in the timing, but I decided to help this man.  He gratefully accepted my skills at pushing a wheel chair and we got to talking.  He was a genuine person and so kind.  I think this simple act, helped me more than it did him.  It's amazing little how little acts of service can have such a huge impact in the lives involved.  People need a helping hand once in awhile, it helps you get through the day, you know? Just yesterday, I ran into him again at the same time and the same place.  He remembered me and we went right back into the same motion as the week before.  And I'm pretty sure I'll see him again next Thursday.

Now isn't that Extraordinary?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Do You Hear What I Hear?

This week instead of looking for ways to see, I found a way to open my ears.  LISTEN.  I don't mean to your mom or your significant other- you should be doing those things already.  What I mean is, listen to the sounds around you.  Tuck those Skull Candy earbuds safe and sound in your backpack and listen.  Soak it all in- the click of a bicycle, the flutter of wings, wind blowing through the trees, and even the sound of silence.  Have you ever hiked up in the mountains, found some grove, sat on a log, and closed your eyes?  It's beautiful, that sound of absolute stillness. One day simply slow it down and center yourself. I'm not saying you need to find your inner zen and pull some down dog yoga pose in mud and sticks,  but pay attention to what you hear.  Listen to the life teeming about you.

 Do you hear the rustle of leaves in fall?
Or the rush of foamy waves crashing into a blue abyss?
Whatever it may be...

Now isn't that extraordinary?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Take a Ride on the Wild Side

You know that moment when your coming home from school on Trax; students pile on in the dim evening light.  As they squeeze into a seat,  yawn and rub their eyes you look at everyone else on that train and realize how tired everyone looks?  Course you feel the same way, I mean school sometimes sucks the life out of you.  But then you catch a glimpse of someone's smile, hear someone laugh, see two holding hands, and you think everyone wants the same thing.  It's true right?  Essentially we all are searching for happiness or finding respect in the eyes of others; we all want to be included and loved.  It may sound cheesy, but deep down you know it.  A well balanced life has all of those qualities. So I encourage you to next time to make someone's life a little easier and give them a smile.  Smiles make all the difference in the world.
Now isn't that extraordinary?

Friday, September 9, 2011

To Bee or Not to Bee?

This last week, while enjoying a sunny afternoon working on some rather stimulating homework, I spotted a bee.   Not just a fuzzy fat pollen sucking honey bee -no, this was one of those nasty yellow jackets.  Yet, I continued to work without a  care.  I mean they're everywhere, and usually if you ignore the buzzing yellow insect all is well.  I did just that.  While brainstorming on my white sheet of paper, I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my foot!  I lifted up my crossed legs and noticed a merciless insect was piercing my skin.  How did I not notice it crawl underneath my legs?!  I yelped quite loudly and gave the impression to others around me I was going crazy.  Imagine watching a girl scream swatting at thin air,  i'm positive it would be somewhat hilarious to behold.
Anyway, by now your probably wondering how this even remotely relates to being extraordinary.  Your absolutely right an incident such as this is quite common, dare I say it ordinary and far from amazingly wonderful.  My point is, how crazy it is that an insect the size of a peanut can sting you with such ruthlessness and inflict such pain.
Now isn't that extraordinary?