Monday, October 31, 2011


No I'm not talking Puff the Magic Dragon. I'm talking literally about weeds, those unruly things that grow out of the ground and kill your flowers or vegetables.
Usually that is how I view weeds, but one morning I was out taking photographs when I stumbled upon some beautiful weeds.  The lighting and frost could have helped... a little.

All it takes is just getting a little closer and you see things you've never seen before.

Now isn't that extraordinary?


  1. Having had the awful experience of weeding a giant rock wall in my mothers yard for most of my childhood, I have come to loathe weeds. They continually taunt any progress that has been made in cleaning up that backyard.

    Even though your pictures are beautiful and have an excellent vantage point. I can't get away from the evil in these weeds. Especially the top picture. The read leaf seems to be trapped and pulled down by the dandelions, or what I assume are dandelions.

  2. I agree. There are some pretty looking weeds out there and a lot of people miss them.