Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Life In a Day

Whenever I have the rare moment of free time, I love to spread out on the couch and watch a good movie.  One of these rare instances I was perusing the Netlfix library and found the film, Life In a Day,  which I had heard about a year ago in one of my communication classes.  The concept of this film is incredible- alright let me give you the low down. Life In a Day is about people all over the world who submitted a few minutes of their lives all on the same day of July 24, 2010.  Sometimes I think my daily life is pretty normal and not a lot of excitement happens, but that's how everyone is.  I watched this and was so awed by the different ways people live around the world.  Once I finished watching this, it made me realize how incredible my life is.  Life is so beautiful everyone loves something or someone, everyone is afraid of something, we all are born, and we all die.  But its in those special miraculous normal moments of our lives that makes it all truly worth it.

Now isn't that extraordinary?

I recommend everyone watch this movie.  Here's a short clip:

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