Saturday, November 12, 2011

Parents, Those People You Call Mom and Dad

How grateful am I? 
Recently I realized how grateful I am for the two individuals that raised me. Sure your grateful for their cooking and providing you a warm home, but when you move out you REALLY are grateful for what you had.  You think after throwing together a little soggy mac n' cheese for yourself ,"wow, I could really use some of mom's homemade meatloaf." Or how you wish you could have some clean clothes, because now you have no time to do laundry.  Those people are incredible.  They show so much love and affection for you and half the time you don't realize how hard they worked to get you on the right path.
So, in loo of  Thanksgiving I want to publicly thank my wonderfully amazing parents.
Thanks mom and dad.
Now isn't that extraordinary? Or should I say they?

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  1. Oh my gosh! I totally understand and agree with you. And the meatloaf- I miss my mom's meatloaf so much! I definitely gained a whole new appreciation for them when I moved out.