Saturday, November 5, 2011

Photographing Your Travels

Today I am releasing my new website,"Photos That Speak"  (Its really not that big of a secret, so spread the word).  Please feel free to check it out and gather some great tips on travel photography.  If your hobby is photography, but you don't know all that much about it - then this website is just for you.

Simply click on the link here and you are on your way to a magical land (really I'm serious)


  1. nice work, you have inspired me to bring my camera with me more often and take pictures of the everyday things. they really are magical. your suggestion to try a different angle and the example photo was perfect. i would have normally been frustrated to not have a front row spot to snap a picture but the small keyhole of space makes it far more interesting. love it.

  2. Hey this is great. I'm a huge photo nerd so I really enjoy seeing other people's photography. My blog is all about photography if you want to check it out